The goal is to help improve existing relationships, whilst making it easy for practices and local GPs and other staff to connect with each other. It is designed to act as a sustainable resource for all GP practices, helping to reducing the reliance on agencies for temporary cover.

How will we do this/how will it work?

We have partnered with Lantum to help us build and manage our workforce bank. Part of the NHS Innovation Accelerator and supported by NHS England, Lantum is a total workforce management platform for healthcare providers. They have already helped launch over 50 collaborative workforce banks for Federations and primary care providers across the country.

What are the benefits?

For GPs

Lantum makes it easy for you to find and book local work instantly, get paid quickly and track your pension contributions.

It also helps you build your professional network and allows you to stay in control of your sessional work and saves on paperwork!

For GP Practices

Lantum makes it easy for you to identify and fill gaps in your rota, manage your workforce and automate your admin. Everything locum-related, all in one place. More time, less hassle, and in the scenarios where your first-choice contacts aren't available, a seamless and more affordable alternative to agency staff.

How do I find out more?

To find out more and to start using this resource click on the following links which will take you to our Island workforce bank site.

If you are a GP and would like to join the Isle of Wight locum bank


If you are an Isle of Wight GP Practice and would like to advertise available sessions for GPs