General Practice continues to be at the heart of Primary Care. Although GPs remain the key providers of patient care, as services and demand increases, patients are becoming more used to being seen by a wider team of clinicians. Physicians Associates (or PAs) are clinical graduates who work to compliment the practice team adding extra capacity and flexibility to help diagnose and manage the care of patients under the supervision of an experienced GP.

Professor Mark Pugh, Consultant Rheumatologist and IW NHS Trust Lead for Research and Development said: “I am really pleased to be part of The University of Portsmouth Physician Associate programme which will start in September 2019. The Isle of Wight will be playing a full part in the clinical placement programme for the students. These new clinicians could make a great contribution to looking after patients in primary care and I hope we will start to see increasing numbers of them working across healthcare on The Isle of Wight”

You can read more about Physicians Associates on the leaflet here

Physicians Associates A Working Solution In Primary Care