Cup of Tea

It's time to breathe and let go...

It's time to learn from each other and share our trade tricks. It's time to share our problems and find solutions together. It's time to get the community of our Island GP's back together.

Dr Jayne King and Dr Himanka Rana, local GP's and professional coaches, invite you to join them in a small group of 10-12 participants to start these conversations, which could be inspiring, stimulating and thought provoking They will use their coaching skills to facilitate the group.

They don't claim to know the answers, but with their coaching skills they can help the wisdom of the group work towards their own answers.

The sessions will be theme based: wellbeing, time management, workload management, work-life balance or whatever else the group feels should be discussed. The monthly one hour sessions will be managed and hosted virtually by One Wight Health, the GP Federation.

To see upcoming sessions and book your place click here