Our support

We provide equal opportunities for GPs to develop portfolio careers and ensure that as trainees, newly qualified GPs, GPs in mid-career or for those approaching the last few years of work that they receive access to a range of support including:

  • Mentoring and coaching support
  • Training offers to support portfolio careers for GPs at any stage of their career
  • Peer support network
  • Access to supportive roles, for example musculoskeletal practitioners and clinical pharmacists
  • Support to practices and other primary care staff

This includes opportunities to train and develop specialisms in particular areas of interest that can provide new opportunities for patients within their practice area or indeed across the Island. It includes opportunities to develop leadership skills or educational skills which might extend to involvement in other areas of the health system. Plus, it includes access to peer networks, mentoring and coaching so that GPs feel supported throughout their working lives here on the Island.

We recognise that GPs have busy working lives, so we also try and ensure our approach is flexible both in terms of the way that support and training is delivered (using a mix of face-to-face, webinar and other technological tools) and carried out, to suit people's schedules wherever possible.

We have also developed a career roadmap to help you identify and explore how you might want to develop and enhance your career as a GP. For more information click the link below:

GP Career Development

A Cup of Tea - GP coaching sessions