Information Governance

About us

One Wight Health was set up in November 2014 to help serve the primary healthcare needs of the Isle of Wight. We are a private company, limited by shares, with an elected board of Directors. Decisions are made on the basis of one practice, one vote.

Our key objectives

We will achieve this by:

  • Promoting and improving quality and reducing variations of care.
  • Helping with issues identified by practices.
  • Working with practices as opportunities emerge.
We will devise ways of working so that we can:

  • Develop common approaches to new work within the core contract.
  • Share best practice.
  • Reduce duplication – for example, with recruitment.
  • Offer a credible bid when new or existing work is put out to tender.
We will be proactive in:

  • Helping to identify cost savings.
  • Promoting high-quality primary care.
  • Assisting where CCG objectives require primary care involvement.
Our aim is to be:

  • Supported by all the practices on the Island.
  • Financially independent.
  • Able to exist beyond the next NHS reorganisation.

Our core values
  • We are focused on improving patient care
  • We are democratic, open and transparent, with work allocated fairly across all practices.
  • We will support and collaborate with IOW CCG, IOW NHS Trust, IOW Council, Public Health and voluntary organisations.
  • We are inclusive of all Isle of Wight practices, regardless of size or type of contract.
  • We are facilitative, bringing practices together for mutual benefits.